What is it?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Corn...Corn...Corn...Not corn...Corn...Wait a second. What is that? I thought I had planted just corn. Does anybody know what this little guy is?


Andrea said...

Thanks for stopping by arise 2 write. Blessings and prayers, andrea

BabYpose said...

Hi Chris,

Wait a second :) How long does the corn take to grow? What happen in the winter? Curiousity drop by to say hello :)

Pudgeduck said...

I can't even guess! Ask when it gets bigger,if the heat dosen't kill it! I'm SW of Phx- where are you?

Chris said...

Andrea - You are very welcome! Hope all is well.

BabYpose - Corn should be ready in a couple of months. Because I'm so new to gardening, I'm not really sure what will happen in the winter. I think I plant corn for a couple more months and then again in the spring.

Pudgeduck - I'm in Chandler. Can you believe it? 115!

Aiyana said...

Hi Chris,
Thanks for visiting my blog. You mentioned your watering schedule to accomodate the heat. One thing to remember--water duration is determined by the amount of time it takes for the water to penetrate the soil to the proper depth for the plant being watered. This does not change unless the composition of the soil is amended to make it more porous. The frequency is determined by the temperature, sun intensity, season, etc. So, you may want to try increasing the frequency instead of duration.
Good luck,

Chris said...

Aiyana - Thanks for the advice Aiyana! I will give it a shot.

BabYpose said...

Thanks Chris, I'll catch up to see them in here once you update it :) Cool!